Power storage + solar system

The future of your
energy supply

The perfect Hybrid Storage


The energy control center


Smart e.mobility

Made in Germany

Innovations for your independence

With HYCUBE you produce, store and manage your own energy. Self-determined. Discover the probably smartest solar system “Made in Germany”.

Save up to 80 % on electricity costs

Independent energy supply can be so easy

You want to supply yourself and your family with electricity in a more environmentally conscious and independent way - and with affordable and state-of-the-art technology? Our HYCUBE power storage systems offer the solution.


For long-term higher demand, for example, when you have a new family member, you can simply increase the HYCUBE power storage from an S model to the powerful XXXL model - without having to create more space. Because in the device itself there is additional space for more batteries.


As an intelligent control center, the Energy Manager, together with the HYCUBE.connect software, controls and optimizes the flow of electricity between the PV system, power storage and all integrated devices. Thus the solar plant can be used even more efficiently and the own consumption increased.

Smart Energy

The HYCUBE App is your direct connection to your HYCUBE system. With the intuitive user interface you have an overview of all data that the energy manager collects from the monitoring of all power flows in the house - anytime and anywhere.

Plug & Play

Neither complex Installations nor further costs await you, because in the HYCUBE power storage tank all components that you need for the storage and optimal use of solar power are already pre-installed - very easy to connect to your PV system via Plug & Play.

The smart HYCUBE Family

Precisely what you want.
Exactly what you need.

Maximum performance in the smallest space. This small space miracle provides compact power inside a space of only 60x60x100 cm.

For even more independence – The three-phase storage with integrated 9 kVA inverter masters the big tasks.

Ideal for retrofitting. With this high-tech storage system, an existing PV system can be flexibly expanded at a later date.

HYCUBE emergency power function

Your protection against blackouts

Power failures are not uncommon, even in your country. That is why HYCUBE power storage units include an emergency power function as a standard. The special feature of the HYCUBE e.Backup function has the unique island capability of the HYCUBE systems. So in case of a power failure, not only the existing power is consumed from the batteries, but the highly efficient lithium-ion batteries continue to be supplied by the solar system and can thus be charged – for unlimited independence.

While the neighborhood is sitting in the dark during a blackout, your food stays well chilled in the freezer, the heating continues to run and you won’t even have to miss the Champions League final which is broadcasted live on TV.

Intuitive & easy to use

Say HY to your
smart energy manager

With the HYCUBE Energy Management System you always have an overview of all power flows in the house. All data of the solar system are measured and processed by the HYCUBE.connect software. By conveniently switching each individual device connected to the circuit on or off, your consumption can be efficiently optimized – either automatically or manually controlled by yourself.

HYCUBE: The smart solution

For the perfect energy saving household of tomorrow

With the optimally coordinated smart solar system from HYCUBE you have everything you need on your way to the ideal energy-saving house for you and your family. We will be happy to accompany you.


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