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Complete control is good. HYCUBE.connect software is better.

As an innovative control center, the Energy Manager, together with the uniquely developed HYCUBE.connect software, regulates and optimises all power flows between the solar system, power storage and all integrated devices.

The HYCUBE Portal

The control center
for on the road

The energy manager monitors and controls all integrated devices and can therefore optimise the power consumption in the house in the best possible way – either fully automatically or manually controlled. For you this means: You have everything under control at anytime from anywhere.

Control center for all household appliances

You want to control the power consumption of your household appliances in the best possible way and save costs? Decide for yourself which devices you want to connect to the energy manager via wireless sockets. From now on, your intelligent control center regulates and optimizes all power flows between the PV system, the power storage and all integrated devices.

A software that can do more. And thinks along with you.

The Energy Manager measures and processes all information of the complete solar system. This means that each power consumer connected to the circuit can be individually controlled by switching it on and off at low cost. And the more power consumers you integrate, the more efficiently you can use your solar system and increase your own consumption simultaneously.

Individual control from anywhere

You can decide whether you want to let the energy manager do all the work for you or whether you prefer to control your household appliances and power flows individually. Your HYCUBE Energy Manager can be operated both at home via the intuitive color display and on the road via your smartphone or tablet.

Smart on the go

Your portal to the
energy transition

Via the online portal myHYCUBE.com you can always have insight and complete control over the collected information of your entire HYCUBE.complete system – from your home or on the road.


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