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To be independent and self-sufficient is the basic need of every human being. Do you want to be more environmentally friendly and independent in your electricity supply – and with affordable and innovative technology? HYCUBE offers the solution.

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Our HYCUBE hybrid energy-storage systems impress with their extremely high storage capacity due to powerful lithium-ion technology. With a footprint of only 60×60 cm and an intelligent energy manager integrated, you can also bring a space-saving and extremely smart energy-storage system into your home.

In our HYCUBE repertoire you will find the storage model that optimally matches your energy needs, which you need for decentralized and environmentally conscious power production and thus on your way to more independence.


solar system &
power storage

With our all-in-one solution HYCUBE.complete we accompany you from A-Z on your way to the energy saving house. We offer you everything from one main source with our all-round service.

As your exclusive contact person, we advise you according to your wishes and plan everything for you – from a HYCUBE solar system, tailored to your house, to a HYCUBE Smart power storage unit that is optimally suited to your electricity needs. Of course, we also take care of the construction and installation process.

*Currently available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

The comfortable e.charging station

If you have already switched to more environmentally friendly electric vehicles or are planning to buy one, you can use your solar power ideally for charging your hybrid and electric vehicle.

The self-developed HYCUBE.connect software ensures that the wall box is charged with as much solar energy as possible. And if that is not enough, no problem, the missing energy is simply taken from the power grid.

You have several electric vehicles; our software distributes the power cleverly also over several 11 kW stations in order not to overload the power connection and to use the solar energy optimally.

With the HYCUBE energy manager, simply connect your charging station at the carport or in the garage. You can easily set the charging time and speed yourself, by using the HYCUBE.connect software.

In terms of quality you can rely 100% on the wall box. This high-performance charging system is easy and convenient to install and ensures that your e-car is always reliably charged at maximum speed.

Fit for the energy future with smart meters

The energy supply is becoming digital. With the future expansion of intelligent electricity metering systems and networks, this will also apply to private households from 2020:
old meters out – smart meters in.

These digital electricity meters can send data, such as the electrical energy passed through, to a smart community network and receive data. With the intelligent measuring system, you can share surplus solar power with our electricity community in a remunerated way or buy it at a low price. The rollout is coming – get in now.


Increase consumption with your own thermal energy.

Cheaper heating and hot water production: With a heating rod you can use your surplus solar power to heat and service water instead of the expensive electricity. For this purpose, the HYCUBE energy manager is connected to the heating rod via relays and control it efficiently according to the surplus.

In connection with a buffer storage tank, the energy gained is also available for heating later in the evening, while you can relax and enjoy your savings.


Send your electricity bill on vacation

Save costs through electricity sharing. This is possible by sharing the surplus solar power generated by your PV system with the members of our power community, the HYCUBE.pool. Over the summer you can virtually feed unneeded electricity into the power cloud and get your electricity later, e.g. in autumn and winter.


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