HYCUBE re.Cube

The ultimate upgrade
for your solar system

With our HYCUBE re.Cube, existing PV systems can be retrofitted with a power storage unit. This makes it the optimal solution for all those who want to use their already produced solar energy themselves in the future.

Optimal retrofitting

Get more out of your PV system

You have a solar system on your roof, but in the future, you would rather use the energy you generate yourself than feed it into the public grid for steadily decreasing payments?

No problem, because with the re.Cube already installed PV systems can be extended later on – so nothing stands in the way of your future as an independent energy supplier.

Increase own consumption

The solution for future self-suppliers

Thanks to many new features, the re.Cube adapts to every household and covers almost every power requirement. Since up to 3 re.Cubes (from 2021 even up to 9) can be combined in one system, this solar power storage unit is ideally suited for retrofitting single-family homes as well as for small to medium-sized businesses.

With the re.Cube you can not only use your own electricity efficiently in the future. Extensions such as the comfortable e.charging station HYCUBE.drive or our Power to Heat solution HYCUBE.heat help you to increase your own consumption as much as possible – making your investment all the more profitable. Available autumn 2020, pre-order now (also available in a 3,6 KW single-phase version).

What to do with my solar power?

The re.Cube is the
optimal alternative

The times in which one could achieve good yields by feeding self-generated solar energy into the grid are unfortunately over. The state EEG remuneration is constantly decreasing, while the prices for grid electricity continue to rise. Owners of PV systems need a new concept for the use of their solar power, once the subsidies end.

The solution: use it yourself and maximize your own consumption. In order to be able to use surplus solar power generated during the day and later in the evening, the subsequent purchase of a power storage unit is the optimal alternative to feeding it into the grid. Thus, the re.Cube is exactly the right battery storage for all those who want to get the most out of their existing PV system eventually.

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