Smart Homes and Solar Energy - What You Need To Know

In 2020, and soon to be 2021, Smart Homes are no longer a fiction created within a sustainable energy mirage created by the growing environmental pressure; they are here for a reason and they’re here to stay. The Smart home of the future simplifies your day-to-day life, combining security, affordable energy, and convenience all into one. The best part of having a smart home is that you can readily use Solar Energy to power its systems. Solar Energy is now the cheapest form of energy on the planet, and its costs are continuing to fall rapidly.


So, what does this mean for you family and your home? Well – it means that you can take a step forward, into a future where your home will be powered self-sufficiently, and how that energy can be housed for hours, days, or even weeks for you and the entire family to take advantage of.

Contrary to popular belief, owning a solar energy system does not suddenly mean you are fully “off- grid.” Once it gets dark in the evening, your solar panels can no longer produce energy for your household supplies, and you might need to call upon your utility provider’s electrical grid to receive the necessary power. Even though one might save on money by using solar energy during the daytime, you still spend money on your utility provider, whenever you call upon their grid to power your home at night.

With a smart energy storage system, all of the solar energy you absorb throughout the day (that you don’t use) will be stored for later use. By doing so, you will effectively remove yourself from the grid, and you will never have to pay another electricity bill again.

With so many options for energy storage systems, and with so much technical jargon, which one should you and your family implement for your home?The all-encompassing, intelligent, and state of the art energy storage solution known as the HYCUBE.complete by HYCUBE Technologies GmbH located in Mannheim, Germany offers the solution .

With a rise in power outages and electricity costs around the world, the possible motives for a photovoltaic solar system without a battery storage solution steadily decrease over time, and this is what the compact HYCUBE storage does best. 100% self-sufficiency. With the integrated self-learning software, it will transform your house into an automated smart home, in terms of power allocation and optimization.




HYCUBE’s Control Center

With a future-ready energy manager who can control all integrated devices within your home, HYCUBE Complete optimizes the power consumption in your home, whether you want to do it automatically or manually. You’ll have everything under control at any time, from anywhere.


HYCUBE Complete continually learns about your home’s energy expenditures, and alongside the Control Center – it will show you places where you can save energy, and how to efficiently allocate that energy to other integrated devices within your home. Alongside the timing of your energy usage, it’s future-ready software will save you energy while you sleep, to make sure you will always have enough energy from your day to night activities.

Smart Software

HYCUBE’s software continuously learns about your energy usage. This software is the specially developed HYCUBE.connect software, that regulates and optimizes all power flows between the PV solar system, power storage, and all integrated household devices. You can sit back and let HYCUBE software do all the heavy lifting, and as a tailored system, you can trust it with everything you and your home needs in terms of power.

When it comes to power and the highest quality for energy storage systems, HYCUBE has it all. Once installed, your home transforms into a smart home, with an integrated and energy allocation system.

Move towards a cleaner, more green, and self-sufficient future with us here at HYCUBE Technologies, with ourHybrid Energy Storage Manager.


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