HYCUBE tri.Active

The smart power-house for those who want more

Generating, storing and managing energy yourself –at the highest level? With our most powerful storage system, you can achieve a new level of electric self-sufficiency in your demanding household.

The strongest HYCUBE

For maximum independence

The HYCUBE tri.Active allows you an optimal supply and the greatest possible independence from the power grid. With 12 kW peak power from the battery and 9 kW in continuous operation, the HYCUBE tri.Active is the strongest system in our repertoire of premium power storage.

Further technical highlights such as the three-phase system, emergency power output and emergency power socket, backup and island capability are the ingredients for the strongest HYCUBE battery storage system – so you are well supplied even in case of a power failure in the house.

Future ready

Made for
big tasks

The tri.Active meets even growing demands. Equipped with a single-phase control and the modularly expandable system – naturally cadmium-free – lithium-iron phosphate battery, the tri.Active makes you “future ready” even with later added power consumers, such as a wall box for your e-vehicle.

The three-phase HYCUBE tri.Active with integrated 9 kVA inverter was especially developed for solar systems with an installed capacity of max. 10 kW and an own consumption of no more than 10 MWh per year. It is therefore completely exempt from the EEG levy.

Triple Power

More performance, more security, more

Thanks to an integrated solar inverter with 2 independent solar/MPP inputs, smart energy manager Cube.connect and an emergency power function up to 9 kVA, the tri.Active meets the highest safety and production standards.

With expansion options such as HYCUBE.drive or HYCUBE.heat, you can also gradually increase your own consumption and thus your self-sufficiency at a later date.

Thanks to battery capacities of 9.6 to 19.2 kilowatt hours, the power pack supplies more than enough energy to optimally cover the needs of a single-family home to small businesses or farms.

kWh Storage

Modularly expandable from 9,6 to 19,2 kWh

kW emergency power

Optional automatic load switching available, performance depending on capacity


MPP integrated


Product guarantee

Technical Specifications


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